New, slightly longer sentence for West Seattle-residing ex-deputy Darrion Holiwell in drugs, prostitution-assistance case

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One more chapter closed today in the case of former King County sheriff’s deputy and West Seattle resident Darrion Holiwell. First, he was charged last June with drug sales, theft, domestic violence, and promoting prostitution. Then he pleaded guilty and was sentenced on August 4th to one year and one day behind bars. At the time, Holiwell – who ran a gun-related business on the side – said he was broke. But as our partners at The Seattle Times reported on August 25th, prosecutors found out otherwise, learning Holiwell was about to get a $181,000 retirement cashout, and filed to have his sentence thrown out on grounds of fraud. The motion was granted, and we just found court records showing Holiwell was re-sentenced today. Judge Bruce Heller gave him a five-month-longer prison sentence – 17 months in all, still short of the 20-month maximum. He also was ordered to pay $45,000 in restitution; no amount had been set when he was originally sentenced in early August. And his previous $1,000 fine for promoting prostitution was tripled to $3,000.

New speed cameras on Roxbury: ‘Real’ tickets start Thursday West Seattle Police -

(WSB file photo – camera near Roxhill Elementary)
The new speed-enforcement cameras on SW Roxbury – in the Roxhill Elementary and Holy Family school zones – will start issuing “real” tickets this Thursday, October 2nd, as planned. We just checked with Seattle Police to verify that, and they confirm that the “warning period,” which started on September 3rd, ends Wednesday. If you received a “warning” ticket this month, we’d be interested to hear from you (please comment or e-mail us); we asked for information on how many “warnings” have been issued and are told we’ll have to request that via the public-disclosure process, so it might take a while. According to an SPD-provided info-sheet, West Seattle’s first speed-cam zone, Fauntleroy Way near Gatewood Elementary, was responsible for 5,500 $189 citations last school year. The city expects to add more cameras next year, but hasn’t announced the locations yet.

Police blotter week of 9-29-14

West Seattle Herald - Police Blotter -

By Tim Clifford

Assault by wheelchair
On Sep. 18 police were called to a retirement facility on the 5400 block of Delridge WY with reports of an assault that had occurred at 3 p.m. When police arrived and contacted the victim he immediately made it known that he did not wish to pursue any legal action against the suspect and refused any medical assistance. The sequence of events was eventually revealed by on site nurses and video surveillance.

The victim was in the elevator to the facility when the suspect, who currently uses a motorized wheelchair, entered the elevator very quickly and positioned herself in the corner. Words were exchanged between the two and when the elevator arrived at another floor the victim stood in the doorway of the elevator and prevented it from shutting as well as blocking another resident from entering.
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This angered the suspect who attempted to ram the victim with her wheelchair. Narrowly missing a direct hit the victim attempted to leave the scene by walking away at which point the suspect backed up and sped toward the victim again, hitting him in the leg. The victim then threatened the suspect with his cane. A short tug-of-war ensued ending with the suspect reaching out to slap the victim multiple times. The victim eventually left the situation and made his way to his room.

While it is believed that alcohol played a large role in the incident, no charges were filed and no arrests were made. Due to the declining health of both the victim and the suspect it was decided that further action could only aggravate both parties. A police report was filed in the event of further incidents. At the time of this writing no further incidents have occurred between the two parties.

Revenge by egging

Police are currently searching for a group of juvenile suspects who egged convenient store workers on the 6300 block of 35 Ave. S.W. just before 10 p.m. on Sep.22. Earlier in the day the same group of teenagers had visited the store and was kicked out by a female worker for being loud.

The group of teenagers returned to the store later hours later, each with a handful of eggs and demanded that the two cashiers now on the clock get the cashier from earlier. After informing the group that the female cashier they were looking for was not there the two cashiers attempted to force the teenagers out of the store. At that point the suspects began throwing the eggs at them and then ran out of the store eastbound.

When police arrived they did an area search for the suspects which was unsuccessful. The convenient store has a surveillance system and was able to turn over a video of the incident. The suspects have not yet been identified and remain at large.

Crimes reported between Sep.18 and Sep.26

Burglaries by block: 4100 block of S.W. Walker St., 5600 block of S.W. Manning St., 5400 block of 46 Ave. S.W., 5200 block of 46 Ave. S.W., 5200 block of 21 Ave. S.W., 6500 block of 38 Ave. S.W., 7000 block of 16 Ave. S.W., 7500 block of 32 Ave. S.W., 8100 block of 27 Ave. S.W., 500 block of S. Sullivan St., 500 block of S. Cloverdale St., 1200 block of S. Sullivan St., 9700 block of 35 Ave. S.W.
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West Seattle Crime Watch reader report: Parking lot robbery attempt

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One more West Seattle Crime Watch reader report tonight – an attempted strong-arm robbery. Jacqueline sent this note:

I wanted to let you know that I called the police and reported an incident that happened just before 8 pm this evening, 9/26/14. I stopped at the Walgreens at the corner of 35th & Morgan in West Seattle (High Point neighborhood), right across from the West Seattle Food Bank. I was stopping quickly to return a dvd rental at the Redbox. When I was getting out of my car, a man approached me and grabbed a hold of my car door handle and tried to grab my purse. I immediately screamed extremely loud, and since I still had my right side of my body partially inside of my SUV, I started beeping my horn and the man backed off, and I also swung my door open at him to try to get him away. I screamed so much and got everyone’s attention in the parking lot with the sound of my horn.

I was able to get back into my car and get the heck out of there. I pulled out onto 35th Ave SW and drove up a few blocks and called 911. Here is the description I gave the police:

-Black male
-Around mid-20′s or so
-Tall and slender
-Baggy clothes
-Ball cap on, with Afro hair kind of sticking out of sides of hat
-The man seemed on some kind of drug
-He was walking back to the bushes and side of the gas station next to the Walgreens where there were a few other males lingering around.

***When I called 911, the dispatcher told me to hold on because they were dispatching police right away, because she had another call come in earlier with an attempted handbag robbery at the same parking lot.

What is going on with this area!?!?! I feel like I am in East Cleveland again. I no longer feel comfortable going to this location again. This area really needs some police presence and I am trying to find out information on community meetings so that I can voice my concerns on this corner. I don’t feel it is safe to go to that Walgreens for myself or other women. I wanted to get the word out. I can’t believe I was almost robbed so close to home. There is obvious drug activity at this corner, and it needs to be addressed!

We are checking with police regarding the report of at least two attempted robberies and whether anyone was arrested. As for Jacqueline’s question about meetings – we haven’t seen an agenda lately, but the High Point Neighborhood Association had been meeting at 6 pm, second Tuesdays, at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center, and the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council will resume its meetings at 7 pm, third Tuesdays, as of October 21st, at the Southwest Precinct.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Nicholas Broughton sentenced

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(January 2014 photo by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
On a Friday night back in September, 33-year-old Nicholas Broughton drew the attention of thousands by driving that stolen SUV through a fence near a relative’s home west of The Junction, with the Guardian One helicopter overhead, tracking him through the LoJack device in the SUV. He was arrested, jailed, and charged, described by prosecutors as an “11-time felon.” In the ensuing months, Broughton got out on bond, then was charged with identity theft related to cards stolen in earlier car prowls.

Other developments since his January arrest include the Labor Day incident in which he and his girlfriend both bolted when pulled over by police, two days after he pleaded guilty to most of the aforementioned charges. The official record listed her as being in King County Superior Court today when Judge Catherine Shaffer sentenced Broughton for possession of a stolen vehicle, hit and run, and two counts of second-degree identity theft. The sentence, same as what prosecutors had recommended, totals (see the document here) a little over four years in prison, with credit for the two months Broughton has served since the January arrest. He will be on probation, aka “community custody,” for a year after he gets out.