West Seattle Crime Watch followup: What we’ve found out about the 47th SW burglary suspects

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(Reader photo from Friday afternoon; Williams is the standing arrestee, French is on the ground)
Bail was set over the weekend for both suspects arrested after last Friday’s West Seattle break-in at a 47th SW home where a resident hid in a closet until police arrived (WSB coverage here). The suspects, both 20 years old, have warrants in other cases so we’re naming them though the charging decision in this case won’t likely be made before tomorrow: $100,000 is the bail set for James Michael French, who has a North Delridge address; $60,000 is the bail set for Donchavell Delrae Williams, who lives in Federal Way. His warrant dates back to May 2013, in an assault case for which the paperwork is not available online since it’s out of Juvenile Court; court documents say Williams had prior felony convictions for assault and taking a motor vehicle without permission.

French’s warrant is from earlier this month, involving what the state terms as “escape” from community custody, the technical term for probation, related to a conviction for a 2013 robbery in Des Moines in which he hit a gas-station clerk in the face while robbing him at gunpoint and knifepoint. French’s history, according to charging documents in that case, had by then also included an attack that inflicted rib fractures on a 58-year-old man who had just had surgery, plus other convictions including robbery, assault, harassment, and drug violations, dating as far back as 2008, when he was 14. He pleaded guilty in the 2013 case and was sentenced in May 2014 to 22 months, which would have included time he had already spent in jail by then. Both French and Williams remain in jail, according to the register, and are scheduled for another hearing tomorrow afternoon.

ADDED 1:08 PM: We’re adding state Corrections Department mugshots for both suspects (French at left, Williams at right). According to a DOC spokesperson, both were released from prison on January 5th, serving time in apparently unrelated cases.

Police blotter week of 1-26-15

West Seattle Herald - Police Blotter -

By Tim Clifford

Knife pulled by chocolate thief
One shoplifter proved the lengths he would go for Dove chocolates on Jan. 20 at a store on the 2600 block of S.W. Barton St. At 5:30 p.m. the victim, a loss prevention officer dressed in plain clothes, was following a couple down the aisles when he noticed the suspect stuffing a bag of the chocolates into his coat.
The victim approached the suspect and identified himself as a security guard while also demanding the suspect hand over the candy. According to the police report the victim suspected at the time that other items were also in the suspect’s coat. Refusing to comply the suspect reached into his pocket and pulled out a box cutter knife with the blade out, posturing as if ready to strike. The victim backed away slowly allowing the suspect to run away.

Responding officers caught the shoplifter a short distance from the store (chocolates are the enemy of endurance) and arrested him without incident. The victim was transported to the scene of the arrest and positively identified the suspect. Security footage was also handed over to police to assist in the investigation. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail.
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Burglar leaves mark at the scene of crime
On Jan. 16 a burglar left multiple “tags” at the scene of a break-in on the 2200 block of 44 Ave. S.W. The timeline for the break-in is estimated to have occurred sometime between Jan.15 at 8 p.m. and Jan.16 at 8 a.m.

The victim returned home to find the gate to her backyard open as well as the door to the garage slightly ajar. When the victim entered the garage she found it ransacked with clothing and other miscellaneous items missing, including spray paint. While looking around she noticed gold colored graffiti on the inside of the garage door, outside on some recycling cans, and covering a vehicle parked across the street. The color matches the color of the spray paint can that was missing.

Responding officers filmed and documented the damages to the property. An area search yielded negative results. The suspect remains at large.

Crimes reported between Jan. 16 and Jan. 23

Burglaries by block: 2200 block of 44 Ave. S.W., 4000 block of 47 Ave. S.W., 4400 block of 42 Ave. S.W., 5400 block of 45 Ave. S.W., 5400 block of California Ave. S.W., 5000 block of 25 Ave. S.W., 5900 block of 41 Ave. S.W., 7000 block of Delridge WY S.W., 7300 block of 32 Ave. S.W., 8800 block of 11 Ave. S.W., 500 block of S. Henderson St., 9000 block of 17 Ave. S.W., 9400 block of 26 Ave. S.W., 8900 block of 14 Ave. S.

Car prowls by block: 2700 block of 49 Ave. S.W., 3200 block of 47 Ave. S.W., 3000 block of 39 Ave. S.W., S.W. Bradford St. / 40 Ave. S.W., 3800 block of 22 Ave. S.W., 4200 block of 30 Ave. S.W., 44 Ave. S.W. / S.W. Oregon St., 4500 block of 36 Ave. S.W., 4800 block of 35 Ave. S.W., 5000 block of 49 Ave. S.W., 5600 block of 49 Ave. S.W., 5600 block of California Ave. S.W., 8000 block of Fauntleroy WY S.W., 24 Ave. S.W. / S.W. Holden St., 600 block of S.W. Kenyon St., 8500 block of 14 Ave. S., 8900 block of 14 Ave. S., 2500 block of S.W. Trenton St., 1700 block of S.W. 106 St.

Car thefts by block: 3000 block of Charlestown St., 42 Ave. S.W. / S.W. Oregon St., 5200 block of 45 Ave. S.W., 6500 block of 30 Ave. S.W., 6500 block of High Point Dr. S.W., 4100 block of S.W. Kenyon St., 7900 block of Delridge WY S.W., 7900 block of 18 Ave. S.W., 900 block of S.W. Holden St., 1000 block of S. Rose St., S. Rose St. / 10 Ave. S., 9200 block of 42 Ave. S.W.
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Join us Tuesday to discuss personal safety and recent West Seattle incidents!

WS Blockwatch -

Our first meeting of the new year is on Tuesday, January 27th!


If you are approached by a person or people demanding your possessions, what should you do? What do experts advise if a child or teenager is faced with that situation? Has that advice changed in light of recent events?

West Seattle has seen several theft/strong arm robberies this month, most targeting younger victims between ages 14 and 18. We will focus this month’s meeting on these incidents and, perhaps more importantly, on personal safety techniques and potential responses.

SW Precinct Commander, Captain Steve Wilske will provide an update on the incidents. Earlier this week, he announced an arrest in two of the incidents. He’ll tell us about progress on the cases, and will be available to answer our questions. We will also have Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Solomon, and Community Police Team (CPT) officers, Jon Flores and Erin Nicholson, as our guests.

Please join us to review and/or learn tips and techniques that will make you and your family members less-desirable targets for criminals. Hear their recommendations about what to do if criminals do approach you or your children.

Meeting schedule (come early, stay late!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6:30-8 PM

SW Police Precinct, 2300 SW Webster Street (at Delridge Ave SW, next to Home Depot)

6:00-6:30        Arrive early for light snacks; socialize and network while we set up! Bring food to share if you like!

6:30-7:00        Introductions, announcements. Captain Steve Wilske will update us about crime and issues affecting the SW Precinct.

7:00-8:00        Theft/strong arm robberies and Personal Safety discussion with Mark Solomon, Jon Flores and Erin Nicholson from SPD.

8:00-8:30        Feel free to stay after the meeting to continue your discussions.

Everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t a Block Watch Captain!  RSVP is appreciated, but not necessary to attend.  You can email us at or phone us at 206-424-0040.

Hope to see you there!

Deborah Greer and Karen Berge
West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Junction 7-11 store robbery

WSB crime feed -

Thanks to the person who called to say they had heard about this from an employee at the Junction 7-11 (California/Erskine). We have since obtained some information from police: They confirm the store was held up about 1:30 am Saturday. The robber was described “as a white male about 25 years of age, wearing a dark blue or black puffy coat, and had a red scarf wrapped around his face.” He showed the clerk a handgun. Police called in a K-9 to help search but they didn’t find the robber. Checking Tweets by Beat, that’s the only robbery call in the Southwest Precinct coverage area, West Seattle and South Park, so far this weekend. (Side note: If you routinely check the tweets and haven’t noticed this, each confirmed incident generates two tweets – the second one, when a report is filed, so the time will be different. The first tweet describes what was reported – so the second one might classify the incident differently, depending on what’s confirmed. The telltale sign that two or more tweets are about the same case is the incident # in the tweet.)

The WSBeat: Seven more cases from the precinct files West Seattle Police -

em>By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

This edition of our periodic feature The WSBeat contains summaries written from reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers – generally cases that (usually) have not already appeared here in breaking-news coverage or West Seattle Crime Watch reports, but that might at least answer the question “what WERE all those police doing on my block?” Or on the bridge, or the beach, or …

*Early on the morning of the 17th, a man heard a bang outside his home in the 2700 block of 46th SW. He contacted three males who were standing around his car. (The car door was open.) The three walked away and the victim followed them to a grocery on California Avenue. Officers found the three hiding in the rooftop parking lot. One, a 15-year-old who lives in another part of Seattle, was booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of vehicle prowling. A second, a 12-year old who does live in West Seattle, was a missing person, and already had two juvenile warrants; one for burglary and one for theft. He was booked for these warrants and for investigation of vehicle prowling. The third, a 14-year-old from downtown, was also a missing person with two juvenile warrants - one for burglary, one for possession of a stolen vehicle. He was booked for the warrants and for investigation of vehicle prowling.

*On the morning of the 20th, a 14-year-old Kent resident with a history of disruptive and intimidating behavior was arrested and booked into the Youth Service Center after striking and threatening to “cut” an Admiral-area store employee who had told him to leave the premises.

Five more summaries ahead:

*An assault incident started when a citizen was bitten on the arm by a dog, described in the report as a German Shepherd, at the Alaska Junction on the afternoon of the 20th. The dog (and three others) were leashed and being walked by a man who appeared to be in his late twenties. When told of the bite, the man said he would put the dogs in his car and return to talk to the victim. He became angry that the victim was following on foot, so he turned and head-butted the victim in the nose before fleeing northbound on California Avenue. The man was described as white, with dark, short hair, unshaven, about 6 feet tall, thin, wearing a red knit cap, a dark bomber-style jacket and tight gray jeans.

*Around 10 a.m. on the 15th, officers contacted a naked woman who was wandering around the railroad tracks in the 1100 block of SW Klickitat Way. She had no ID and spoke only in fragmented “cuss words” to medics who responded to the scene. A “Jane Doe,” she was transported to Harborview for a mental evaluation.

*On the 16th, a man with an existing $250,000 warrant for domestic-violence assault added another notch to his record when he showed up at his estranged wife’s Alki-area home, in violation of a protection order. He was booked into King County Jail.

*Seeing that her ex was intoxicated, a North Admiral woman took his car keys for safekeeping on the evening of the 14th. The next day he accused her of stealing his cellphone and wallet as well. He claimed that he was a member of the Aryan Nations, used his hand against her head (in the shape of a gun) and threatened to blow her head off and said he’d have his son kill her son. He was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of DV harassment/threats.

*On the 17th, a Delridge resident called 911 to report her husband had been using cocaine for several days and was having a mental-health crisis. He had made her and the children leave the home because “it was going to blow up.” Meanwhile, he was calling 911 himself from their driveway, claiming that he was being chased by the Mexican Mafia. Officers found him sitting in the family car with a loaded gun on his lap. He was taken to the precinct for later transport to Harborview for a mental exam. While in the holding cell, he kicked the door repeatedly and screamed for help.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Remember, the CRISIS CLINIC hotline is a resource for those in crisis, including thoughts or acts of self-harm, or trying to find help for someone in crisis: 206.461.3222 … Previous WSBeat roundups are archived here. We also publish crime reports when we get tips or otherwise hear about noteworthy incidents – they don’t all turn up on the scanner, so please don’t be shy about letting us know when you see/hear something happening = call or text 206-293-6302.