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Crime Watch followup: Christopher A. Brown pleads guilty in Roxbury rape/beating attack

WSB crime feed -

Just discovered this in the court files:

The man charged in last March’s rape and beating of a 58-year-old woman near 22nd/Roxbury has pleaded guilty. The attack drew regional-media attention as deputies went door to door searching for clues to solve the exceptionally violent attack. 25-year-old Christopher Anthony Brown was found via a DNA match, arrested in Oklahoma in June, charged with rape and assault, and extradited. Investigators said Brown had been visiting this area when he attacked the victim as she waited for a bus – asking her for a cigarette, then offering her money for sex, and when she declined, dragging her into nearby shrubbery, choking her until she was nearly unconscious, beating her, raping her, robbing her, and threatening to kill her and her family if she reported it.

According to documents in the online files, prosecutors will recommend a sentence that would put Brown in prison for 171 months – just over 14 years. Brown pleaded guilty last week to one count each of rape, assault, and robbery. King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector is scheduled to sentence him on November 14th.

Officers Track Down Suspect In September South Park Shooting

SPD WS Precinct -

Detectives and Anti-Crime Team arrested a 21-year-old man Thursday afternoon in connection with a September shooting in the South Park neighborhood.

Police have been searching for the suspect since September 28th when he opened fire on another man near 12th Avenue and S. Trenton Street, leaving the victim with life-threatening injuries.

Today, Southwest Precinct officers located the man near White Center and, with the assistance of King County Deputies, arrested the suspected gunman. Officers also seized the suspect’s vehicle for detectives, who are currently interviewing the suspect at SPD Headquarters.

Detectives plan to book the suspect into the King County Jail for a weapons violation as they continue to investigate the case.

Seattle ACS invites you to Damage Assessment training

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Following a major earthquake or similar disaster, will you be able to recognize which buildings are safe? If not, you’re invited to attend training on Saturday, October 25th:

Seattle ACS will be presenting a class on Damage Assessment at the monthly meeting next Saturday October 25th at South Seattle Community College, Olympic Hall, Room 101.  Arrive after 8:30, training runs from 9 am to noon.  Hub volunteers are welcome to attend.

Carl Leon
Training Director, Seattle ACS



West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; road rage’

WSB crime feed -

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight. First one is a reader report:

Saturday night our elderly neighbor had a prowler down on Beach Drive. The man, described as a white male, was in her backyard around 2 am. Her house guest was awakened by his VERY distinctive ring tone “The Charge of the Valkyries” ! I thought that was distinctive enough that someone may be able to identify the Wagner Prowler. It appears that he was trying to gain access to a neighbor’s yard..but took off when his cell phone went off.

We don’t have the block number. But keep an … ear out.

Next – two from the police-report files: Another smartphone stolen, and an odd cross-peninsula case of “road rage”:

The smartphone was taken in a strong-arm robbery reported last night. Just after 8 pm Tuesday, police were told, the victim got off a bus at Barton and 25th, with his Samsung Galaxy 2 smartphone in hand, when three people approached him and yanked it away, running north on 25th, He yelled and followed them. That drew bystanders including someone who saw the fleeing suspects and reported recognizing them as people with whom he had been “involved in a disturbance at the Westwood Village McDonald’s over some pumpkins” a short time earlier.

The robbers were described as two boys and a girl, all about 15, all Hispanic; the girl was “shorter, with dark hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt,” one boy was “skinny with a black Raiders hat and black clothing,” the other boy was “heavyset, wearing black clothing and a backpack.” The report says police found some surveillance video at a Westwood store that appears to show the three, one of whom was recognized as a prior shoplifting suspect there.

Also from the police files, we have details of an alleged road-rage incident that we’d heard a bit about on the scanner over the weekend.

Shortly after 1 am Saturday, police were called to the 10200 block of Maplewood Place SW (map). There they found “a blue BMW, parked in front of the residence (with) damage on every side … most of the windows being hit out … marks on the vehicle from what looked like metal pipes or some other blunt object.” They talked with the “four males who had been in the car,” all observed with “some bumps and scratches,” one with a bleeding head wound.

While medics were called, the victims told officers that it started when they had gone to Admiral Safeway around 11:40 pm Friday night and got into an argument with six people. After that, the victims threw eggs at the suspects’ vehicle and headed to Alki Beach. There, they saw the “suspect group parked with several other people”; the suspects yelled “Hey, that’s them,” and got into separate cars to pursue the blue BMW. The victims say they only noticed a “large truck” pursuing them and ramming the back of their car, chasing them along Beach Drive, to Fauntleroy, eventually to Maplewood (which as the map link above shows, dead-ends).

There, they say, the victims stayed in the car while the suspects got out, surrounded them, and started smashing the BMW and the people in it with blunt objects and their bare hands. Eventually, they say, the suspects stopped, got into their vehicles, and left. That’s when the victims called 911. The only description of the suspects is “three males (mixed races) and 3 Asian females, (in) a tan-colored sedan from the early 2000s.”

No arrests reported in any of the above cases.